– Foundation repair involves fixing issues with the base of a building to ensure its stability and prevent further damage.

– Concrete piering is typically recommended for foundations that are settling or experiencing structural issues.

– Steel piering is a foundation repair method that involves driving steel piers into the ground to provide support and stability.

– Helical piering is commonly used for foundation repair in areas with unstable soil or where traditional foundation support methods are not feasible.

– Slab jacking is a technique used to raise and level concrete slabs that have settled or sunk.

– Helical tieback anchors are installed to provide lateral support to retaining walls or foundation walls, preventing further movement.

– Polyurethane foam is often used to fill voids under concrete slabs and stabilize soils.

– Structural foundation assessments help identify issues early on and prevent costly repairs in the future.

– Foundation issues can cause sewer lines to shift or crack, leading to potential leaks and damage to landscapes.

– Spot piering involves installing piers at specific locations to address localized foundation settlement issues.